My thoughts on signing Manny.

Will the Yanks sign him n well thats a bloody a shame. Guy has gold gloves among many awards and our infield is well a mess. Id rather of not re signed him then judge, why?

Well we could have had a pretty good out field of Stanton, Badar n Cabera, which isnt bad. Now lets take a good ole look at the infield. DJ when healthy is good, IKF severciable, So DJ at 3rd IKF at SS, n Rizzo at first not bad,not great, n Manny would be a great 3rd n move DJ to SS, n have IKF as a back up when DJ gets hurt. Let Josh be our DH n have stanton play the field regurally as he hits a lot better when he plays more , ne happy Josh is on the team if we get a good ole bench brawl. Hence why i enjoyed having crazy Karl on the team.. Just my 2 cents

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