I suppose I should accept the fact Cashman will always be here as the Yankee GM. I cannot, in good conscience, say he is the worst GM in baseball because it would not be fair or accurate. That being said, 23 years without a WSC and 14 years since even appearing in a WS is a joke. Cashman is given a huge payroll to work with and his homer run or nothing analytic gets us in the playoffs just about every year (I believe NYY, LA and Houston are the only teams to make the playoffs every years since 2017) however this same analytic fails us in the playoffs.

Now it is not just the players and the team which is disappointing with Cash but EVERYTHING!. Our Analytics Department has to be one of the worse in baseball, our player development department is a joke, our medical department is even worse! How Montas is allowed to come to spring training then determined to need season ending surgery is beyond me. Very same thing happened with Serverino and he caught a huge break with Judge before the 2020 season because if that season starts on time, we don't sniff the playoffs. Cash over-values our minor league players, when he does find a diamond in the rough (Voit, Ursela, just to name two off the top of my head) he hangs onto them so long they are worth a bag of peanuts by the time he tries to move them. We have produced two position players the last 23 years (Judge and Cano) and not one pitcher since Pettite (Serverino still needs to be available and not on the IL for me to count him just yet).

I only hope the Manaya and Sabien hirings help with Cash's weaknesses as a GM because as I stated. as long as Hal owns the team, Cash will be there.

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