2023 AL East

Just read a writer’s AL East predictions for the 2023 season in an article. He wrote a summary on each team and then predicted this:

Blue Jays: 95-67
Yankees: 90-72
Orioles: 87-75
Rays: 82-80
Red Sox: 68-94

It is surprising to see he picked the Yankees with only 90 wins. I decided to add my own marginally educated thoughts to the debate. I think the Red Sox are clearly last, but 68-94 seems low. I think the Rays have fallen off, unless Glasnow has a real breakout season, but I think 82 wins is low.

Baltimore is on the rise, but I think 87 wins is optimistic. Toronto has a good chance for his projected 95 wins, but I think they still finish behind the Yankees, who would be a major disappointment if they won only 90 games.

My AL East has:

NYY 97-65

TOR 95-67

TAM 85-77

BAL 85-77

BOS 75-87

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