Goin to Toronto

I like going to Yankee games on my birthday and my wedding anniversary. David Wells threw his perfect game on my birthday, but of course I wasnt there. I went to buy tickets for my day and saw they are on the road. So I tried a different game and settled on Legend MVP seats with all the bells and whistles and when I went to purchase I see a 70 dollar fee attached, time 2 tickets is an extra 140.....this kinda pissed me off. The tickets are too high to begin with and to add 140 bucks just was the last straw. My wife and I have watched the Yankees play in Philly, in Baltimore, and in DC, but never in Toronto so I googled the Blue Jays schedule and on my birthday, low and behold, I see they're hosting my beloved Yankees. Now my wife is in grad school and her cap n gown ceremony is May 13th...SURPRISE, we're driving up to Toronto on the 15th and I bought great tickets to not 1....not 2...but 3 Yankees vs Blue Jays games and the total for the 6 tickets is a 100 dollars less than the 2 Legends seats. I'll put that savings towards gas. If any y'all going to those games in Toronto May 16, 17, 18, let me know and I'll buy you a beer.

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