Yankees Future Needs

While we are all excited about Soto hitting in Yankee Stadium, the team is now clearly in transition mode. We now have too many outfielders, and are forced to play Judge full time in cf, which over time risks injury. We have a 35-year old third baseman, and no clear successor in sight. The pitching staff could use both one or two starters, and a couple of relievers. Oddly, catcher is the only position we seem well-stocked in.

The outfield problem is complicated due to Stanton, who ties up the dh position for 4 more years. He has yet to have a Yankee season that is better than his previous one -- an ominous thought for next season. Somehow we have talk him into waiving his no-trade, and pay off salary to get another team to take him.

Maybe the rotation problem is solved by adding Yamamoto and/or Montgomery. The Yankees are in a spending mode this year, so we can hope for one or both.

Rizzo will be 34, and is in his last year of a two-year deal. The future of 1B must also be dealt with over the next year or two. A decision on Torres also must be made.

Of course, they have to sign Soto. Verdugo may be a better acquisition than most of us think, but he is on a one-year deal too, so the outfield could become a huge problem in 2025.

Cashman has to get good grades for putting this team together (where has he been the last few years?). To sustain success, however, he has to do more to stabilize the roster and the team going forward.

In the meantime, it appears we will truly be competitive this year, and should have a shot to at least reach a World Series. In any event, this will be a pivotal year for the Yankees. Whether we sign Soto or not, a bit of a rebuild will have to be undertaken to address 2026 and beyond.

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