Soto, great! Hope we can sign him after the season. Verdugo, Meh. But he fills an outfield

spot and is a decent hitter. Hopefully his attitude gets uplifted.

So we have to get Yamamoto and $300MM be damned. We gave up a lot of pitching to get Soto and Cole can't do it alone. The other pitcher we still have are back end of the rotation types. We need a 2 to go with Cole.

We do still have some trade chips for pitching if necessary since we essentially just gave pitching for Soto.

Hal has presumably okayed going over $300MM, otherwise getting Soto helps but we still need pitching. It also means that we damn well better get to the WS Series this year. I don't see Hal spending to keep Soto unless he sees big result in 2024.

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