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Juan Soto t-shirts now available!

The newest superstar has arrived in the Bronx.

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Juan Soto is a Yankee.

It’s a wonderful statement to type out and even though we’ve done so multiple times already, we’re just going to keep hammering it home. Soto has been one of baseball’s best players for years now with the Nationals and Padres with elite discipline and power that have led to a .284/.421/.524 career batting line with 160 career homer before turning 25. Now, with Wednesday night’s trade to the Bronx, he will join Aaron Judge in a dangerous Yankees outfield.

This is just about the most impactful trade the Yankees could have made in the 2023-24 offseason to prep for Opening Day in wake of their worst season since 1992. The offense was in a sorry state outside of Judge in 2023, and Soto is one helluva step up from the likes of Jake Bauers and Billy McKinney.

If you’re in a celebratory mood, BreakingT has three new Soto t-shirts available to peruse in their store! Check out the link below if you have interest. “Two Juan Two” has a nice ring to it, I’ll say.

These shirts are officially licensed products of the Major League Baseball Players Association and printed in America.