One Lesson Cashman Won’t Learn

Good players don’t always play well for the Yankees. It might be because there is some deep problem in the organization, but Steinbrenner/Cashman are not interested in the answer, so for now we have to live with it, and wind up, for example, giving away Nathan Eovaldi for nothing, and wondering WTF with Sonny Gray. We also seem to have a knack for buying yesterday’s stats just as a player is going over the hump of his career. So, making big bets on hot players may not be the right strategy for us as long as Cashman is calling the shots. We should not trade good young players for a 1-year rental of Juan Soto or for the aging Cody Bellinger, who’s already proven he can disappoint. I think Yamamoto is a worthy target and we should focus on him. Keep Gleyber; we know he performs in pinstripes, and he might perform even better if the Yankees would squash the trade talk and give him a little respect. I don’t have an answer for Giancarlo, but nobody’s gonna take his contract, so the team needs to support and work with him. By the way, it’s easy to predict that Cashman won’t learn this lesson. His ego gets in the way of learning anything!

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