Please Cashman: Do Not Make the same mistake you made with Stanton!

Hey Yankees fans! Let's be real here, in that bringing Soto to NY in exchange for top pitchers and prospects, is a total mistake. Perhaps the Yanks should take a page out of the Astros book. Granted, they did not make the WS this year. However, look at the damage they have done with players such as; McCormick, Tucker, Pena, Maldonado....They let go of; Cole, Verlander (and got him back), Springer, Correa, and they are on the verge of losing Bregman. That is because they have a stellar scouting system and coaching staff. Those guys know how to hit and run, bunt, hit the other way, etc! Please, let's not support bringing Soto to the Yankees. It'll be similar to wanting Trump out of office so badly that we vote in Biden.....

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