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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/31/23

We turn the page on 2023.

NBC’s New Year’s Eve 2008 with Carson Daly Photo by Jason Kempin/WireImage

At last, we’ve reached the end of the road for 2023. From a Yankees perspective, the new year can’t come soon enough. 2023 brought few on-field highlights, with the peak of the year possibly being the Yankees’ acquisition of Juan Soto earlier this month. We enter 2024 in what feels a bit like limbo, with the Yankees having missed on Yoshinobu Yamamoto yet not having enacted any sort of backup plan. Hopefully, turning the calendar spurs them onto something notable.

Even as the year closes, we’ll have plenty of content on the site for New Year’s Eve. Andrés writes up a towering figure for our Top 100 in Reggie Jackson, while Andrew looks back at the people we lost in 2023. Also, John delivers one last social media run for the year.


1. What do you think the Yankees’ pitching plans are in light of Frankie Montas signing with the Reds?

2. What does your preferred New Year’s Eve look like?