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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/3/23

The calm before the offseason storm is hopefully today.

Giancarlo Stanton Introduced as New York Yankee

Tomorrow kicks off the Winter Meetings, or as most of the baseball league hopes it’ll be known as, the time when a bunch of moves get in motion. Whether we’ll get what we want remains to be seen, but there’s already a decent amount of rumbling going on around the scene to justify some optimism for a deal going down. Now, based on the latest development of the Soto market, perhaps you want a few more days for that one to marinate.

That’s for tomorrow, however. Today, we’ve got Matt leading us off with a story reminiscing on a very odd day where the Yankees won despite getting no-hit through a large portion of the day. Then, Noah provides the latest entry into the Top 100 featuring Bill “Moose” Skowron and his efforts on several World Series-winning teams throughout the 1950s. Finally, John takes us through the past week in social media related to the Yanks, led with a heartfelt goodbye from Luis Severino.


1. How many deals, if any, will we see throughout the Winter Meetings?

2. What level of confidence do you have that Juan Soto will wear pinstripes next season?