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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/26/23

Yanks in on Yariel Rodriguez; Tommy DeVito gets a meal courtesy of the Captain; reunion with Monty could be an addition and a denial to a rival

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images | Cayden Steele: Leading off with some lighthearted news from outside MLB, Tommy DeVito has been the Italian sensation behind the New York Giants’ recent three-game winning streak that got snapped a week ago. He’s stepped in amidst a surprisingly disastrous season for the G-Men, and become a fan favorite as an underdog representative of the area. While his play has been diminished after the league has gotten an extended look at him (to the point that he was benched at halftime in the Giants’ 25-33 loss to the Eagles on Christmas), he recently had a run-in with Yankee captain Aaron Judge while sitting down for dinner in New York. Judge had surprised DeVito by picking up the tab for the rookie QB, a nice gesture for an established franchise icon in one sport supporting the newest guy over in another sport.

MLB Trade Rumors | Mark Polishuk: Heading back to baseball, the Yankees need to find some arms to boost up the rotation, or the bullpen if they can’t get any proven arms. Yariel Rodriguez is a cross between both: a reliever over in the NPB who sat out 2023 looking to get out of his contract and head over to MLB, where scouts see a starter’s upside in him. Rodriguez has interest from a number of teams due to his potential and the idea that his contract isn’t going to be very prohibitive — MLBTR projected him to get a four-year, $32 million deal at the start of the offseason. That’s definitely an option that the Yankees could consider to add depth, whether he ends up sticking as a reliever or not. | David Adler: Compiling some older notes here about a former friend, Jordan Montgomery is another option for New York and one that they’re more familiar with after developing him over the course of several years in the organization. However, he’s not the same pitcher that left the Yankees via trade in 2022, and that’s for the better — he mastered some sequencing changes with the Rangers that led to his postseason run and the World Series title, and if he could take what he learned back with him he’d be a formidable No. 2 option. Additionally, if the Yankees could afford him he’d be a great steal away from some of the other suitors for his services, like the Red Sox, where they’d otherwise have to go up against him several times a year.