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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/1/23

Sizing up needs ahead of the Winter Meetings; MLB pieces that could be moved; Lou Pinella’s regret; Jones’ Hall of Fame case

Cleveland Guardians v New York Yankees Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: Every year there’s a few major deals that come out of MLB’s Winter Meetings, and this year’s round are set for next week. The last time Brian Cashman was at a similar sized gathering we got a rather...impassioned defense of the organization, but this time Cashman and Co. have to head to the summit with a clear plan to improve the on-field product. The biggest piece of business is the fate of Juan Soto, but expect other free agency decisions to be made as well.

New York Daily News | Gary Phillips: Speaking of Soto, the Padres are reportedly interested in major league ready pitching pieces in exchange for the superstar. The Yankees could part with any one of possibly three rotation arms, in Mike King, Clarke Schmidt or Nestor Cortes, as they work to build out an appropriate trade package. Which pitcher makes the most sense, and how the Yankees would make up the innings gap, is yet to be seen. | Manuel Gómez: Lou Pinella is one candidate for Hall of Fame enshrinement via the contemporary era committee. The onetime Yankee outfielder and manager is 16th on the all-time managerial wins list, with all but four — three active — managers ahead of him in the Hall already. While there’s a Hall of Fame case, Pinella personally regrets that he’s best known for his onfield tantrums rather than in-game strategy.

FanGraphs | Jay Jaffe: From one Hall of Fame case to another, Andruw Jones has steadily seen his vote share increase in his six years on the ballot. The ten-time Gold Glove winner is likely one more year away from induction, but a boost in this year’s votes could seal the deal. As his candidacy looks more and more likely, maybe it’s time to debate whether the Yankee great will wear the interlocking NY on his cap, or stick with Atlanta’s insignia.