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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/9/23

Thursday rolls in with much less fanfare than the past few days.

American League Championship Series Game Four: Houston Astros v. New York Yankees

Well, it’s been more than one day since the owner and general manager of the Yankees went out and made some embarrassing comments to the media, so congrats to them on making it past 24 hours without a repeat of that mess. There was a report that the team consulted Aaron Judge on what he thought the team was missing from reviewing data and he made a point to emphasis batting average and RBI, which, yeah isn’t great but at least he’s good at his job. If he ever truly gets the process behind analytics maybe he’ll just go supernova.

In the meantime, we’ll plod along here in the waiting room for some offseason rumors. Peter starts us off for the day with a report card on Oswald Peraza’s funky hot-and-super-cold year, and then Sam charts the luckiest hits of the year. Kunj sets the table for our latest top Yankee and his personal favorite, David Robertson, while Malachi hones in on the best pitches available to the Yankees’ staff and Esteban examines a new swing decision metric and how the Yankees perform on it.


1. Do you expect Shohei Ohtani to hold up the market, or will he decide quickly where he’s going?

2. If you had to pick a favorite Yankee from the 2017 team, who would you choose?