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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/6/23

Mondays hit a lot different when its just an offseason day and not a day off.

New York Yankees vs Kansas City Royals Set Number: X154896 TK1 R1 F131

Monday was often a day off for the Yankees in the second half of the year, but this Monday finds us fully in the offseason at last. We’re seeing player and team options get exercised, and our full roster of free agents will be complete and ready to negotiate with soon enough (be on the lookout for our free agent series starting next week). Until then, it’s all quiet on the battlefield as general managers prepare to head into their yearly meetings. It’s a precursor to the more recognizable Winter Meetings, but the first steps have to be somewhere.

Today’s a rather chill day on the site as well, starting with Kevin giving the weekly update on the Arizona Fall League. Then Noah drops a rather mediocre report card on Billy McKinny’s table, and Andrés has the latest Top 100 Yankees update featuring shortstop Tony Kubek claiming No. 86 on our list.


1. How aggressively do you expect the Yankees to shop their prospects for an upgrade versus playing the kids?

2. If the Jets win on Monday Night Football tonight, how likely are they to make it in the playoff race?