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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/30/23

November wraps up with the promise of some potential movement.

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

After hearing mostly small bits and pieces that the Yankees are involved in the offseason or that they want to be active, it’s becoming more clear that this should be a major winter for the team. The Juan Soto front is picking up steam, even if the sides aren’t close yet, and they are planning to go in on the Yoshinobu Yamamoto sweepstakes as well. There’s not quite smoke yet, but the heat is cranking up a bit and that’s exciting news.

Today is set to be one of the busiest days that we’ve had since the season ended on the site, with a load of pieces to peruse. Matt kicks it off with a free agent target on a lesser-known but still enticing Japanese pitcher in Yuki Matsui, former teammate of a recent Yankee star, and Noah looks back on the Luis Severino era now that it has officially concluded. Josh goes into detail on the Soto rumors with a trade target, and then follows up with a Top 100 on an infamous name in the baseball world — Tommy John. Matt returns to go over a whole bunch of the random pitchers that popped up over the past season, and finally Estevão has a major question for each of the AL East teams as the offseason gets into gear.


1. How influential do you think Masahiro Tanaka’s Yankees career is for the current batch of Japanese stars looking to come overseas?

2. If the Soto deal materializes soon, who do you think concedes more on the current gap in prospect talks, the Yankees or Padres?