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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/27/23

Which under-the-radar players might the Yankees be interested in; retooling the bullpen with non-tendered players; a pair of lefty outfielders.

Texas Rangers v. Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images While everybody focuses on the top of the market — the guys like Shohei Ohtani, Cody Bellinger, and Juan Soto — the most important moves of the season are often the players who go under the radar: see, for example, the Yankees’ 2019 signing of DJ LeMahieu.’s writers, who go unnamed, list seven free agents that could have big dividends for the team that signs them. All seven players have legitimate reasons for not being the top of the market, from inability to play the field competently to injury histories; however, every year, one of these under-the-radar moves always winds up paying dividends for the team savvy enough to reel them in.

MLB Trade Rumors | Nick Deeds: Every year, teams non-tender a small army of relievers in order to either make room on the 40-man roster or cut salary. If there’s one thing the Yankees have done well in recent years, it has been welcoming the discarded pitchers of baseball, “the wretched refuse” of the league, and turning them into a dominant force. Might somebody from this list be Matt Blake’s next project? Time will tell.

Sports Illustrated | Patrick McAvoy | Article 1 | Article 2: Look, we get it — it’s the offseason, it’s a slow time, and there are quotas to meet; however, these two articles are slightly different variants of the same piece, quoting the same source, so it makes sense to lump them together. In short, the Yankees need outfield help, and while the team is shopping at the top of the market in Soto and Bellinger, it’s always smart to know the secondary pieces to pivot to if necessary. Two of those could be Charlie Blackmon and Jesse Winker, a pair of lefty hitters with some pop.