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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/23/23

Imagining Yamamoto in the big leagues; Maybin chimes in on Stanton; what some Yankee trade scenarios could look like; Yanks lose a minor-league slugger

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World Baseball Classic Semifinals: Mexico v Japan Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

MLB | David Adler: Other than his countryman Shohei Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamato figures to be the big fish in the free agent pool this offseason. What kind of repertoire is he bringing with him wherever he steps on a mound? After playing with Statcast data, the comps come in as follows... Kevin Gausman’s fastball, a curveball reminiscent of Clayton Kershaw or Adam Wainwright, a splitter that hearkens to Ohtani’s, and a cutter that earns comparisons to Gerrit Cole’s. I’m sold. Sign him please. | Manuel Gómez: Friends are supposed to have each other’s backs, and Cameron Maybin, who played with Giancarlo Stanton in Miami and New York, has come to the defense of the embattled Yankees slugger. “I’ve watched this guy year after year. He never jabs back at the fans or jabs back at the criticism. He just keeps his head down and continues to try to work,” Maybin pointed out.

Towards the end of his conversation about Stanton, Maybin dropped the line that will get most of the attention, hoping Big G gets to finish his career some “place where he’s not getting bashed.”

The Athletic | Brendan Kuty: Kuty postulates what some Yankee trade proposals could look like this offseason. Of course, a deal for Juan Soto headlines the list. How would Yankees fans feel about giving up Clarke Schmidt, Everson Pereira, Randy Vásquez, and Edgar Barclay for a year of the left-handed generational talent? Gleyber’s name comes up as well, in a deal that would send him to the National League.

CBS Sports: Andrés Chaparro is no longer a part of the Yankees’ system. The 24-year-old, one of the most coveted minor league free agents on the market, signed a deal with Arizona Wednesday. Chaparro mashed 25 home runs at Triple-A this season (albeit with only a 90 wRC+), and now heads to the desert to ply his trade. The word is that this is not a MLB deal, but he does have an invitation to spring training.