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A team of Thanksgiving Yankees

In honor of today’s festivities, let’s put together an All-Thanksgiving team.

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles
Greg Bird
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

We hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving, however you’re spending it. Sports wise, Thanksgiving is a holiday most known for football, but let’s take a quite opportunity to talk about some baseball. In honor of today, I’ve taken some time to put together a team of Thanksgiving themed Yankees from throughout the team’s history. Let’s go through it:

P: Spud Chandler

Starting out, on the mound for our team will be Spud Chandler, a six-time World Series champion who honed his craft with the late-‘30s and early-40’s Yankees before becoming the 1943 AL MVP. With a 1.64 ERA and a 198 ERA+ in ‘43, one could say Spud mashed the competition that season.

C: Pi Schwert

Schwert put up fairly meh numbers in just 12 games as a Yankee across the 1914-15 seasons. His full name may have been Pius, but the abbreviation of “Pi” get him in the team thanks to it’s homonym being the most famous Thanksgiving dessert.

1B: Greg Bird

Sadly, there’s no one in Yankee history who has a name as on the nose as Negro Leagues legend Turkey Stearnes, so Bird will have to do. It seems forever ago that Bird was a highly rated prospect at first base for the Yankees, but in reality, his last game with the team was just over four years ago. He’s also a good choice for the most famous of Thanksgiving symbols on this team.

2B: Celerino Sánchez

He never did actually play at second base in his career, but we have to crowbar Sánchez in here. As for why, well, his name sounds a bit like celery, which can be an ingredient in stuffing. Look, the infield was a bit tough...

SS: Frank Baker

A shortstop on the 1971-72 Yankees, Baker will fittingly be catching stuff from Pi on any stolen base attempts. (Honorable mention to Top 100 Yankee Home Run Baker, who in general day-to-day life went by “Frank” rather than, uh, “Home Run.”)

3B: Mike O’Berry

A seven-year career in the majors for O’Berry included 13 games with the Yankees in 1984. There wasn’t quite a perfect person to represent cranberry sauce, so Mike will have to do. Pinch-running specialist Quintin Berry would’ve been good as well if he had earned a promotion in September 2018, but it didn’t come to fruition.

LF: Ham Hyatt

While turkey is the most famous of dishes served at Thanksgiving dinner, you do occasionally get some ham, getting Hyatt into this lineup. Hyatt was a bit of a journeyman when he came to the Yankees in 1918 and appeared in 53 games. Prior to that, he had a nice run with the Pirates and was a pinch-hitting specialist for the 1909 World Series championship-winning team.

CF: Melky Mesa

The dinner table is often the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, so let’s get Mesa in here, whose surname doubles as the Spanish word for table.

RF: Dusty Cooke

Here’s the other of job occupational themed lineup members. We need someone to put all of the ingredients together, and that’s where Cooke comes in. That being said, he’s maybe not the person to bring people together, considering he was allegedly a big time taunt-er of Jackie Robinson when the baseball legend broke the color barrier.

DH: Matt Holliday

Who better to round out a holiday themed lineup that someone who’s literally a Holliday. Matt’s one season run with the Yankees in 2017 seemed to be going well until a run in with Epstein-Barr virus caused his season to fall off. In a fun fact only seemingly designed to make us feel old, his son, Jackson, is now one of if not the top-rated prospect in all of baseball, and could break through with the Orioles this coming season.