Key Yankee Needs for 2024

There has been lots of discussion about what the Yankees will do in preparation for 2024. Its hard to predict what they will do (money is an issue). What they need is easier:

1. At least one starter to serve as a co-ace with Cole (only Yamamoto fits this bill; a reunion with Montgomery helps, but he is a #3 or #4 guy in NY).

2. Some help in the bullpen is needed, with at least one or two servicable left-handed pitchers. Jordan Hicks solves the biggest need, as he could actually close, or share a closing role. Bringing back Peralta, and perhaps including Suarez in a deal for Soto (more on that later) would provide depth.

3. They need two LH hitting outfielders. Belinger is one clear answer. Trading for Soto would be ideal, but its not clear whether we have enough to get him. Maybe Schmidt or Cortez, with Thorpe or Hampton, Pereira, Peraza, a catcher (not wells) would due the trick. Other lower minor leaguers might be dangled. Maybe we take another salary they want to dump.

4, We need help at 3b and possibly 1B. Sign Candelario who can provide for both. LeMahieu can become the roving IF utility guy for a year or two.

All of this seems doable, if Hal is willing to spend money, and Cashman doesn't try to low ball SD on getting Soto. Ohtani is the biggest stretch, but why not go for broke.

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