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Revisiting Pinstripe Alley’s playoff predictions

No, none of us had a Diamondbacks/Rangers World Series. But who came the closest to running the table?

World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Five Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The final out has been recorded, the World Series trophy hoisted, and the Rangers anointed as baseball’s champions for the very first time. But there is one question that no one* is asking: who won the Pinstripe Alley playoff predictions contest??

*Yes, we are extremely important and the pundits should be anxiously awaiting the results. Obviously.

We still have to wait a few weeks to revisit our preseason predictions since there were some award picks tied up in there. However, even though the Yankees missed out on postseason baseball for the first time in seven years (ick), we did take the time to make playoff predictions at the beginning of October, way back when the Rangers were still hoping to upset the Rays at the Trop in the Wild Card round. Absolutely no one had the 84-win Diamondbacks reaching the Fall Classic, but there were at least a couple good picks in the bunch!

To determine our winner, we’ll award one point for correct Wild Card Series picks, two for the Division Series, three for the Championship Series, and five for the Fall Classic itself.

Wild Card Series

Actual Answers: TEX, MIN, PHI, ARI (all in 2)

It’s probably an ominous sign for us collectively that only half of us even had the eventual champions making it past the first round. It was a dead heat, so the lone Wild Card Series pick where the majority was correct was probably the most lopsided in the pack: Phillies/Marlins. And only four of us had the National League pennant-winning Diamondbacks escaping Milwaukee. Whoops!

Shout out to Sam for nailing all four Wild Card Series, though. He was well on track with only Josh, John, and Esteban behind him at three points each.

Division Series

Actual Answers: TEX in 3, HOU in 4, PHI in 4, ARI in 3
Note: I did not ask everyone to make games picks for this one, so no bonus points.

Well, so much for John. He got blanked in this round after a solid start in the Wild Card, whereas Esteban and Sam notched three more correct picks apiece. It was enough of an upset to have Arizona in the DS, but having them dispatch the Dodgers? Only Sam went that far, and both he and Esteban were the lone PSA staff members to have Texas advancing past the DS as well.

The one thing we could mostly count on? Those annoying Astros reaching their seventh consecutive ALCS. Blah. At least they lost in the end.

Championship Series

Actual Answers: TEX in 7, Adolis García, ARI in 7, Ketel Marte

Yikes. This was indeed the postseason of the underdog. Still, Esteban and Sam had the Rangers winning the pennant outright, though Sam had the Braves beating the Diamondbacks in his NLCS. If he had actually picked Arizona to reach its first World Series in 22 years though, I might have been convinced that he’s a magician. We had such high hopes for the Orioles... oh well.

World Series

Actual Answers: TEX in 5, Corey Seager

Yeah, you probably saw this coming. No one had the Rangers winning it all, as even Esteban and Sam opted for an NL East World Series champion. So it goes. (Bravo to Kunj’s Marlins pick though.)

Anyway, that was a disaster! Let’s sift through the wreckage and determine the not-so-shocking winner of our contest.

Sam: 13

Esteban: 12

Josh: 7

Noah: 6

Andrew: 4
Dan: 4
Jake: 4
Kevin: 4

John: 3
Matt: 3
Peter: 3

Andrés: 2
Alex: 2
Kunj: 2
Malachi: 2
Pavich: 2

Our perfect Wild Card king, Sam, is the victor, with Esteban finishing just behind him and Josh nabbing third from the mess behind them. Someone break off a piece of the World Series trophy and send it to Sam as a token of his triumph!