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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/15/23

It looks like the search for a bench coach will continue.

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Yankees filled one of the voids on their coaching staff with the hiring of James Rowson as hitting coach, but they also need a bench coach too after Carlos Mendoza took the main gig with the Mets. Aaron Boone and company had eyes on one-time Yankee Andrew Bailey for the position, but it looks like that avenue closed off yesterday when news broke that the Red Sox were closing in on making Bailey, also a former member of the Sox, their new pitching coach. Oh well, onto the next.

On the site today, John hands a (failing) grade out to Carlos Rodón after his implosion in 2023, and Matt reflects on several Yankees that could’ve won a Cy Young Award had the honor existed back in their time. Josh heads our coverage of the next Yankee on the Top 100 list, with today’s feature going to George Selkirk, and Jeff will look into re-signing a former friend and newly crowned champion Jordan Montgomery in our free agent target series. Finally, be on the lookout later tonight once news breaks about this year’s Cy Young selection, with Gerrit Cole the favorite to win in the AL.


1. Spanning the gap between Roger Clemens’ 2001 season and Gerrit Cole’s past season, what was the best Yankee pitching season in your opinion?

2. Which free agent from this upcoming class do you think will be a steal for whoever signs them?