This proves Hal is baseball stupid…

This will be short, not so sweet, but here we go…

Hal Steinbrenner recently opened his mouth and puked out the following statement that says a lot about how clueless he is and how his Apple fell from his fathers tree…

Let’s pretend, for shts and giggles, that Steinbrenner actually has two neurons firing off at the same time, every now and then, but even if that’s remotely true, it’s hard to ignore the fact that he consulted with Nick Swisher among others on if the Yankees should keep Boone or not moving forward.

Since 2018, under Baboone, the Yankees have disgraced their history and he should be lucky this is not decades ago. George would have asked no one and the second time the Yankees were eliminated by the Astros, George would have eliminated Boone.

Boone is a nice guy, I’ll give him that and he hit that homer we all remember but that appears the only a time and the only way he can lead the Yankees to the promised land.

He has proven since 2018 that he can’t do that as manager….no reason we should think he will before his contract ends in two years. Soto or no Soto.

While managers do not have the final say in a win or loss most of the time, nor are even the reason in most cases that a team wins or loses in this game,, Boones sheer incompetence as manager is so glaring that a normal, functioning, general partner of a franchise, with an ounce of common sense, would be able to discern Boones ability, or inability, without having to ask the opinion of Nick Swisher, or others for that matter.

It’s been well established that Boone is incredibly poor at creating lineups (and NO they are NOT created by analytical), he is more often than not out-managed by the opposition in every series,. His poor at managing pitching both with starters and the pen. He lacks the keen foresight of when to take someone out or leave them in and he laughingly said recently that the Yankees need to bunt more in 2024, all the while, as manager in previous years including last years cess pool, he rarely called for bunts, executed hit and runs, has no clue what a leadoff hitter is or a cleanup hitter and he rarely called for sacrifices nor did he take advantage of his teams speed in 2023.

He babies his players far too much, giving them ample rest as if this the old-timers game all year all the while the Yankees have led the majors in DL time for the past 5 years.

So much for rest Bonehead.

He is by far the worst manager in the game and it does not matter who the Yankees sign this off-season because Boone will mismanage them and I have said it every season since 2018 and have yet to be proven wrong with no fear of that happening anytime soon, that the Yankees will NEVER win a World Series as long as he is their manager.

I do not like Hal, he is an idiot. Cashman gets a bye from me because it’s up to the players to deliver on the numbers they are acquired for and to stay healthy once they slide on those pinstripes. He had been stupid but Boone is worse. I loathe that man.

I wonder if I should remain a fan?

Hmm, maybe I should reach out to Swisher for his perspective.

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