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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/12/23

Yankees approached David Ross about bench coach position; An argument against adding a big-name superstar; Could Martian be the centerpiece of a Soto deal?

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images | Jimmy Hascup: Former Cubs’ managed David Ross recently found himself out of work after Chicago brought in former Brewers skipper Craig Counsell on a mega-deal. Ross also has a history with Aaron Boone, as the two men worked together at ESPN. And the Yankees have a bench coach opening after the Mets hired Carlos Mendoza as their new manager. Serendipity? Not quite. New York approached Ross, but he has his eyes set on a managing gig.

The New York Post | Joel Sherman: What if the Yankees’ roster is so bad that adding a superstar to it doesn’t meaningfully change the likelihood the club can compete for a championship? Sherman makes that case. Adding Shohei Ohtani, Cody Bellinger, or Juan Soto might not be enough to fix a club that is built on “Gerrit Cole, Aaron Judge and — if they are being fairly self-critical — the worst dollar-for-dollar offense in major league history in 2023.” Ouch.

Sports Illustrated | Joe Najarian: It is unlikely that the trade chatter around Soto is going anywhere until he’s either dealt, or the Padres take a solemn vow to every deity known to mankind that they won’t trade him. Likewise, given New York’s glaring need for a lefty bat, the rumors around the Yankees will be a permanent fixture this off-season until there is resolution. Should the Yanks include Jasson Domínguez in any package to the Padres for Soto? Short answer: Najarian says yes, but only if San Diego demands it. To be fair, I can’t imagine the Yankees would ever lead with “Hey, we’ll give you The Martian.”