Anthony Volpe: How can you not be impressed with this dude?

After one of the most unforgettable seasons in Franchise history, a few things turned out to be gems.

We saw a masterful season by the soon-to-be name Cy Young winner in Gerrit Cole, an awesome ensemble from the Yankee Bullpen, Aaron Judges performance shortened only by landing on the DL after yet another stellar play in the field, the rise of youth as we all saw from various farm-hands like Volpe and others and a dead season suddenly had it’s bright spots.

Most notable to me was the on field performance of Anthony Volpe’s first-season at short for the Yankees which unusually was overshadowed by his demeanor OFF the field.

Volpe, winning a gold glove for his slick fielding, decent arm and range at short was great to see as well as his base running ability and surprising power. His average, while needing work, was but merely a dent in his armor overall. It will improve along with his natural power and the Yankees actually have a young player worth investing both time, faith and hope in.

Imagine that.

However where this dude excels is within his demeanor with the press. He has an unselfish outlook and team player mentality that is refreshing to witness.

In a recent presser I have included below questions hurled at this young talent along with his answers that more than sheds light on his amazing character.

Volpe was asked the following…

"How does it feel to win an individual award like the gold glove and did you dream about winning individual awards like that when you got called up?"

Volpe, in sounding like a silver tongued veteran, team-player despite his youthful appearance said…"Well it is great but i don’t really see that as an individual award. There were alot of people that made it happen. My coaches and team mates that help me, taught me, are all part of winning that award."

He was also asked how he felt his first big league season went,

Volpe said…"I have a lot of work to do, we all do, it was frustrating but also motivating because we all want next year to be so much more."

He was asked what the Mets are getting informer Bench coach Carlos Mendoza and Volpe said this…

"He is great, took me under his wing from day one. He ran all our meetings and really got me ready to play everyday. We will miss him, but he will be a great manager."

He was then asked if he feels he needs to focus on his batting average moving forward and he offered this…

"I always do, I have to do better. I feel like I could have and should have done more, I did not pull my weight. I both expect and hope to do much better next year."

He comes across as humble, sincere and a fantastic team player that’s like a sponge and ready to absorb everything he can.

I cannot imagine anyone not liking this young man as the future shortstop of the Yankees. I can see him as a solid, .290 plus hitter for his career, averaging 24 plus homers a year and stealing league leading bases. More gold gloves await this man I feel and I hope success and money don’t change this dudes character in the future.

I have a few favorite Yankees over the course of my 40-plus years as a fan with my number one favorite Graig Nettles leading the way. add Jeter, Guidry, Munson, O’Neil, Judge and Cole to my list and Volpe as of now is knocking in that door to join that club.

Let’s see how his bat and glove talk moving forward because his mouth has already got it down.

Love this kid. How about you?

Talk to me…

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