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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/29/23

Yoshinobu Yamamoto from the eyes of his former teammates; Jordan Montgomery’s rise to prominence in the Texas Rangers rotation; potential Alex Verdugo trades

2023 World Baseball Classic: Championship Team USA v. Team Japan Photo by Rob Tringali/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images

New York Daily News | Gary Phillips: Yoshinobu Yamamoto is one of the recent names out of the NPB that major league teams, including the Yankees, will be pursuing for their roster. Questions will unfortunately always persist as to whether or not players will be able to seamlessly make the transition to the best league in the world. Well, according to former teammates of Yamamoto, they don’t just believe that it will be an easy transition for him; they believe that he will thrive. Aaron Boone has made some comments on the interest surrounding Yamamoto as well, adding that he thinks the pitcher will have plenty of teams after his services this coming winter and that he’s very talented.

Fox Sports | Deesha Thosar: The big story in Yankees-land right now isn’t really about the team itself. Rather, it’s about a former pitcher who was sent off in a trade and is now pitching in the World Series for the Texas Rangers: Jordan Montgomery. He was sent off in the Yankees trade for Harrison Bader after not performing up to expectations with the Yankees and then sent to Texas by the St. Louis Cardinals, who weren’t going to need him, considering their record, and he has been utterly fantastic for the Rangers over the course of this postseason. It’s a big punch in the gut for Yankees fans who knew he could be a standout pitcher if given the right tools.

MLB Trade Rumors | Nick Deeds: Alex Verdugo has made a name for himself in the outfield for the Boston Red Sox. He’s a league-average hitter with above-average defensive capabilities, and considering all the options in the outfield for the Sox, we could potentially see a trade made over this offseason. Yes, this relates to the Yankees as well, as Verdugo’s name was floated in trade talks at the deadline, and the likelihood of them coming to an absolute stop over the winter feels low, especially given the not-super-exciting free agent pool.