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Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Puppy Pictures

Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo showcase New York’s favorite dogs on their social media accounts this week.

San Francisco Giants v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

It’s Sunday once again, and you know what that means — it’s time for our weekly social media roundup! As the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and the 2023 Yankees season shrinks further into the rearview mirror, but still we stand guard, following our favorite Yankees heroes — on social media, that is. Let’s get started!

New York’s Favorite Doggos

Last winter, Aaron Judge’s and Anthony Rizzo’s dogs made headlines everywhere, with Kevin Rizzo famously helping to keep the Yankee Captain in the Bronx long-term. While the team’s early entrance into the offseason has been disappointing, the two have brightened up our timelines with a pair of posts that feature their famous pups.

First, we have Judge holding his two canines on the second slide of an Instagram post advertising...some sort of drink, I’m not really sure. I went back to check, but I got distracted by the dogs.

Not to be outdone, Rizzo shared Kevin on his Instagram story later in the week, as the Rizzo family spent a day at the beach.

A Very Sevy Date Night

From February to October, Major League Baseball players have their whole lives scheduled for them — where and when they travel, what day/time they take batting practice or throw a bullpen session, and of course, when they have games. As such, it’s hard for players to spend some quality time with their families and their special someones.

Understandably, many take full advantage of the fall/winter months. Just ask Luis Severino:

Run, Run, Luis

Over the course of this season, we’ve been tracing Luis Gil as he’s been recovering from Tommy John surgery in 2022. While he did not return to a Major League mound this season, he did make a rehab appearance, thus reaching the all-important milestone that allows him to essentially treat this offseason as a normal offseason. And so, while home in the Dominican Republic, he has been engaging in his normal offseason routine, which includes running!