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Sporcle quiz: Name the entire 2023 New York Yankees roster

Can you name all 54 players to appear in a game for the 2023 Yankees?

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
“Ugh, I guess I have to join the other plebs in the dugout now.”
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The time has come. The 2023 Yankees’ season officially came to a close with the conclusion of their three-game series in Kansas City yesterday, but the clock really struck midnight a week prior, when they were eliminated.

This is the first time that New York has missed the playoffs since 2016 (only their fifth postseason absence in the last 28 years), and with just 82 wins, they are the worst Yankees team since 1992. They were lucky to extend their streak of consecutive winning seasons to 31, but not even the 2014 or 2016 Yanks came so close to a losing campaign. When you’re making the bizarro 2013 club look like a breath of fresh air, then you have some serious offseason work to do.

Before we look ahead to what the Yankees must do to get back to playoff form in 2024, we must partake in our annual tradition of remembering the year that was. Who the hell exactly played on this team, anyway? Pinstripe Alley has created end-of-season Sporcle quizzes for each Yankees season since that odd 2013 campaign. There have been some difficult ones in the past, but the 2023 edition is a lock to be very difficult, given how many injuries there were and the sheer quantity of random dudes cycling in for a few games here or there.

So take a deep breath, hit “Play Quiz” (or click the link here to play on Sporcle), and give it your best shot! Share your scores afterward and try to use the spoiler tag in the comments to hide any player names you might mention so that potential answers aren’t spoiled.