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The PSA Top 100 Yankees: Fan Vote Request

We’re running an updated version of the PSA Top 100, and we want your help.

Derek Jeter Ceremony Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Ten years ago, I began an ambitious project at Pinstripe Alley. I’d seen plenty of other SB Nation sites do Top 100 series and I wanted to bring that to PSA since I’ve always enjoyed baseball history and the Yankees certainly have as rich a history as any other team.

I’ll say it now: I bit off more than I could chew, partially because I refused to half-ass any entry. I wanted to make sure that I was really telling the story of a player’s life and not calling it a day after spitting out a few hundred words. It was labor-intensive, and given the combination of my real-world responsibilities and other PSA assignments, I didn’t have enough time to give the project its due.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of the 50 entries that I put in because they told some terrific stories about somewhat-underappreciated players. Since I started at No. 100 and went through No. 51, these were not the Babe Ruths and Derek Jeters of the world. I would never have learned as much about, say, Tom Tresh or Russ Ford if I had started from the top.

But ultimately the series was incomplete. So it goes.

Now, however, Pinstripe Alley will rectify all that. We’re doing a new edition of the Top 100 Yankees, which we’ll begin on October 23rd. Since we have the bandwidth, 12 of PSA’s writers will be contributing articles to this project, which will run once daily from the 23rd until its completion (outside of holidays). Barring any setbacks, it should carry us to the time right before pitchers and catchers report for spring training 2024. We will still, of course, be running normal offseason content at the same time, but this should be a fun offseason series!

Those 12 writers and PSA’s editorial staff will be contributing rankings and we’ll have a WAR component as well just to get a completely neutral perspective. But like in the first edition of the PSA Top 100, we want the community to be part of this project! If you want to submit your Top 100, please e-mail it to me at

Take these guidelines into consideration:

  • If you’re a site member, feel free to add your username in the subject line so we can list you as a contributor.
  • We are only ranking players, so no managers or executives.
  • If you think making a list of 100 is too much for you, you can submit a list of your top 75 instead, and it will also be counted.
  • We’re not going to accept lists of fewer than 75 Yankees since we want some good thought behind it and due diligence given to those Yankees that might not always pop in your head when thinking of the greatest players.
  • Please do not submit your Top 100 in the comments section for this thread. They will not be considered.
  • You can e-mail submissions until 11:59pm ET on Friday, October 6th.

Happy listing!