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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/16/23

Yanks potentially in the Montgomery sweepstakes; the expanding gap between postseason hitting and pitching; new book on stories of Yankees past

ALCS Workout Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated | Matthew Postins: Since Jordan Montgomery has flourished in his post-Yankees career, I have not considered the possibility of his return to the Bronx. The Yankees have four definite spots in the rotation for next season. If they were to allocate additional financial resources to the rotation, I’d guess it’d be for a significant top end starter. USA Today sources reportedly already connected him to the Yanks for a possible reunion.

The offensive free agent market may not be robust, but it’s where the team needs to focus whatever money they have available to spend, unless the pitcher is a top of the rotation arm. And while Montgomery has been fantastic in 2023, he still isn’t that guy (playoff year notwithstanding). He will certainly get paid at worst like Jameson Taillon, but if the Yankees dip their pool in the free agent starting market, a player of Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s ilk is more sensible.

FanGraphs | Alex Eisert: Pinstripe Alley’s very own Alex Eisert dove into the apparent pitcher advantage in the postseason. The findings are compelling and important for the everyday fan to understand. Whether it be that playoff team pitchers are better than the average team’s pitchers, the loosening of the reigns, or not exposing pitchers to potential regression, pitching has gained a clear upper hand. As the old mantra goes, good pitching beats good hitting, and that is playing out in the postseason.

Southern Maryland News | Mike Reid: There is a new book on the Yankees horizon, and it’s written by William Klink, a professor at the College of Southern Maryland. The book features recounts of the stories of managers like Joe Torre and Billy Martin, and players like Whitey Ford.