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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 10/14/23

The calm before the LCS storm arrives will last another day.

Sports Contributor Archive 2019 Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The baseball world was still for the day with the LDS wrapped up on both sides of the bracket, but tomorrow promises new action with the ALCS kicking off and we’ll be rolling from there. The Astros are once again on the doorstep of a World Series berth, but in their way is a team with a lot of potential in the Rangers fresh off a sweep of the top-seeded Orioles. The NLCS may have varied rooting interests within this fanbase, but it’s pretty clear who gets the nod for this series.

With that being said, today’s a very relaxed day while we await some new results. The 1998 team was also off by this time, so there’s no recap from either the past or present on the postseason hunt. We do have a couple pieces to shoutout though, first with Andrés writing his thoughts on how it all went wrong for Brian Cashman in 2023, and later with Noah going over some of the more ridiculous errors that occurred throughout the year. Folks, offseason outlooks truly don’t feel too good when the year didn’t either.

Playoff Schedule:

No games today or tomorrow.


1. What’s been your opinion of the playoffs so far if you’re still watching?

2. How many games will it take to settle who goes to the Fall Classic from both sides?