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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/4/23

The first Wednesday of the year. How memorable.


January 4th isn’t a particularly exciting day in Yankees history, and this one probably won’t be much better. That’s the thrill of January in baseball, folks! But don’t worry, we still have plenty of quality reading material at your leisure. Our only thought is to entertain you!

Today on the site, Jake will opine on the Yankees’ luxury tax strategies (post-offseason spending spree), and Peter will consider the Padres’ Ha-Seong Kim as a potential trade target. Estevão will then continue our latest Top 25 series with a look back at the 2010 ALCS opener, which featured a remarkable comeback in Texas that stood as the lone real highlight of the series. Also, Andrés will discuss the Yankees adding former Giants exec Brian Sabean to the front office, and John will wonder if it makes any sense to bring back old friend Andrew McCutchen for the final outfield spot.


1. Have you already broken your New Year’s resolution?

2. Do you think Zack Britton will play again, or will he have to hang ‘em up?