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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/30/23

Gleyber Torres and Yankees avoid arbitration; checking in on Jasson Dominguez; another owner reveals frustrations about high payrolls.

American League Championship Series Game 4: Houston Astros v. New York Yankees Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

MLB Trade Rumors | Drew Silva: Earlier this winter, the Yankees settled on one-year contracts with almost all of their arbitration-eligible players, with the sole exception of infielder Gleyber Torres. Yesterday, the organization announced that they had reached an agreement, thus allowing the Yankees to avoid the stupidity of the arbitration process again. The two sides settled on a $9.95 million salary, the midpoint between Torres’ $10.2 million demand and the Yankees’ $9.7 million offer from earlier this winter.

New York Daily News | James O’Connell: Ever since the Yankees signed him in 2019, Jasson Domínguez has elicited comparisons to Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout, landing him into the upper third of the top prospect lists even before he stepped foot on a professional diamond. While those comparisons were always unreasonable, the 19-year-old has nonetheless flown through the farm system, reaching Double-A Somerset last season.

CBS Sports | Dayn Perry: Thanks to a very active November and December, January has been a relatively quiet month this offseason. It was also really quiet last year, too, but for a very different reason — the lockout. And as if we needed a reminder for why that lockout happened, Rockies owner Dick Montfort complained about the San Diego Padres’ spending spree over the last few years. While Montfort focused on what he perceived as the team’s holes, it’s simply the latest in a growing trend in which MLB owners have expressed disdain for San Diego’s high payroll, as it reveals that small market teams can still carry a high payroll.

Obviously, this isn’t exactly Yankees news, but given the events of last winter, it’s important to highlight whenever the league’s ownership is being disingenuous.