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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/29/23

The NFL will have their Super Bowl matchup after tonight.

MLB: MAY 18 Yankees at Royals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today’s sports docket is fairly simple: there are four teams vying for tickets to the Super Bowl, and only two of them can punch it in. A rematch of last year’s AFC Championship between the Bengals and Chiefs awaits us in the nightcap, and the NFC’s top two seeds in the Eagles and 49ers converge on Philadelphia in the day game. It should be a fun few hours of football, and as a non-biased objective fan with no rooting interests whatsoever I would enjoy a Super Bowl between any of these teams (minus the Eagles).

That’s enough football talk from me though, we are a baseball blog after all. Alex starts off the day with a look back at the two trade trees involving Justus Sheffield after the young pitcher wasn’t claimed off of waivers recently, and Estevão reflects on an MVP race from 1984 that stands out wildly with hindsight. Matt takes us back to 1923 and the trade that might just have put the Yankees over the top for their first title run, and then John wraps things up with the social media spotlight.


1. Who is going to the Super Bowl?

2. Which quarterback would you want the most out of the remaining four in the playoffs?