will big payday change judge?

let me start by saying, i'm going to try & spread this out, so it doesnt all clump in 1 paragraph, to appease those who have more criticism than an english professor.

aaron judge got his money. is this going to change anything about the way he plays, as it does so many others?

there are players who, after they get their money, figure they're worth more to their franchise, so they must figure they shouldnt hustle as much or play with nagging injuries.

their commitment also becomes lessened. maybe skipping practice, by being there, but not out there as much as they use to.

i believe his power isnt going anywhere. but will he keep average up, still steal a few bases? i believe he hits the ball too hard for shift change to really help him.

so, hopefully this is written well enough for the critics out there. maybe some real yankees fans will join the conversation, not just complain about how it's written but actually talk about the post.

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