my hall of fame debate

so, scott rolen & fred mcgriff just got voted into the hall of fame. 1st off, good for them. recently, players such as jim kaat, harold baines, larry walker & alan trammell. 1st off, i'm not saying they werent great players, there are others i can include with these. i'm really not saying that they dont deserve to be in either. however, the hall was once considered to be the place where the best of the best went. it was said the top 1 percent of players made it to the hall. now, they made changes to supposedly make improvements. they shortened time on ballots. they put the 10% rule in. they made all these cybergenics stats a big thing now. & somehow, defense somehow became so much more a big part of getting voted in. it use to be, if you were considered 1 of the top players, either by position or just in general, you were strongly considered, & most likely, got in. top players, usually meaning at least top ten, of your time. the 6 names i named are just some that i consider questionable, at best. the way i learned things, if there are questions, that means you're not, are there as many great players as there use to be? maybe, maybe not. the game has changed, for sure. it has to be a lot different for pitchers, mainly because, they dont pitch nearly as much. between pitch counts & situational substitutions, it's crazy. & every time i hear that wins arent that important, just makes me shake my head. nobody plays 162 games any more. "investments" have to be protected. i would be ok with this, if these are the best that's been out there, but, they're not. if the "steroid issue" is the biggest component to thinking these days, then, to me, you're not being fair, at all. best of the best. bonds, sosa, mcgwire, arod, clemens, these were the best of the best. so, because you feel they dont belong, you put in guys that, most likely, wouldnt have a shot. maybe you feel that, you need to put someone in, especially if vets put someone in. i cant believe it took so long to get buck oneal & gil hodges in there. here's my 1st question; how does fred mcgriff get in, while don mattingly still doesnt? was mcgriff ever considered best, or even top 3 1st basemen in either league he played in? mattingly sure was. was mcgriff ever considered 1 of the top fielding 1st basemen during his career? mattingly was. was mcgriff ever 1 of the most feared or considered a mvp candidate? mattingly was. does the stigma of "too many yankees in the hall still exist? now, again, i'm not saying that mcgriff should'nt be in there. i'm saying, if you put in mcgriff, how do you pass up mattingly? you cant use the excuse about him not playing enough or anything like that, after putting kirby puckett in. i can make same argument for thurman munson. he was considered, with bench, the top 2 catchers of their time. hell, munson won an mvp! jeff kent didnt get in. really never got close! why? he wound up as 1 of the top 2 or 3 offensive 2nd basemen, EVER! he won an mvp & came close a couple more times. now, you vote in scott rolen, while graig nettles still waits. is there really much of a difference in them defensively? nettles had the bad luck to playing half his career the same time as brooks robinson. otherwise, how many gold gloves would he have won? yet offensively, there's really no comparison in the 2 of them. but, rolen gets in, while nettles sits on the outside. next year, you'll probably put in todd helton, along with adrian beltre. maybe you'll decide that billy wagner gets in too. the latter2, to me, either belong or should've been in. does helton? most likely, yes. but again, how do you put guys in, when there's others that deserve more than them? there's an older writer who flat out said, unless there's a no doubt great to vote in, he's not putting anyone on ballot, til he could check pete rose's name. why? because, if pete rose cant get in hall, who should? to me, the same should go for the steroid crew. they were the best of their time. but, they cant get in, but mcgriff & baines & trammell & walker can. again, my point isnt that these guys dont deserve or shouldnt be in. it's simply that, how can you put in guys lesser talented over others who were definitely more talented, for whatever reason? how does jim kaat get in, but wagner doesnt? what different code do you guys use these days? again, not saying kaat doesnt belong, rather wagner does. plus, i'd still like to know what was reason the 2 that didnt vote for jeter used! what could possibly be your reasoning not to vote for him, of all players? had to be pure hate, in 1 way or another. because, if you try to say you wanted your vote to keep someone on the ballot, there sure werent 10 of them! at this rate, you're going to need to add a word to the end; "the baseball hall of fame; mostly".

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