An interesting idea for a LF upgrade came to me while listening to MLB radio on the way home this morning.

Brewers need salary relief. Yelich's contract is a long term killer given his recent performance but even his bad years are better than Hicks.

If the Yanks were willing to pay the Cohen tax would Yelich be an interesting possibility. In theory we could get them to take Hicks and Donaldson for Yelich and maybe Urias.

Baseball Trade Values:

Urias 19.1 + Yelich -106.1

for Donaldson -20.3 + Hicks -17.4

Granted it would be an upfront increase for the Brewers but in the long term they get out of the albatross contract that might prevent them from keeping Burnes and Woodruff.

Don't really care about Urias but would be a better back up at SS & 3B than IKF (who I would happily include if they liked as well).

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