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The 25 Most Surprising Seasons in Yankees History

Which players rose to the occasion and delivered way more than the team ever dreamed that they possibly could?

Dan Brink

Every year, hundreds of potential MLB players report to spring training across the country hoping to hit the big time. For a small percentage of them, success is simply expected; for the majority of the rest they will either never find it or only experience some level of mediocrity. (This is not to disparage them — championship teams need plenty of average contributors, too.)

But there is an even tinier percentage of players than the ones behind Door No. 1. These are the guys who reported to camp and didn’t envision setting the world on fire, or even if they had high expectations, no one thought that they would utterly upend the sport as a whole. There are countless examples across other franchises. Think about when José Bautista went from unknown journeyman to one of the best Blue Jays of all-time, or across town when R.A. Dickey rode a knuckleball and a prayer to a shocking Cy Young Award. Delightful!

The Yankees have been fortunate enough to experience quite a few of these seasons, too. They are priceless gems, and those who saw them live (or simply read about them) will never forget them. The word “surprising” allows us to run the gamut of different varieties of “surprise,” and we are going to take advantage of that leeway to have some fun as we await the start of the exhibition season.

There’s so much to explore and remember! We hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane with us, in chronological order.

1904 Jack Chesbro
1920 Babe Ruth
1932 Red Ruffing
1943 Spud Chandler
1944 Snuffy Stirnweiss
1950 Phil Rizzuto
1968 Roy White
1976 Willie Randolph
TBD - February 2nd
TBD - February 3rd
TBD - February 6th
TBD - February 7th
TBD - February 8th
TBD - February 9th
TBD - February 10th
TBD - February 13th
TBD - February 14th
TBD - February 15th
TBD - February 16th
TBD - February 17th
TBD - February 20th
TBD - February 21st
TBD - February 22nd
TBD - February 23rd
TBD - February 24th

Best of the Rest
TBD - February 27th
TBD - February 28th
TBD - March 1st
TBD - March 2nd
TBD - March 3rd