Ranking "Most-Improved" Teams in the AL East Going Into Spring Training

Plenty of media sites have assigned "grades" to all MLB teams for the moves they've made this off-season. For instance CBS sports on January 12th gave teams in the AL East the following grades. Yankees A Red Sox C- Orioles D Rays D Jays B Unfortunately, there is no universal definition of "moves" baseball fans will agree upon, especially, as is often the case, when lip-service is given to actions taken or not taken relative to "needs". 'Well'...queries the astute observer on the Right...what are the team's goals?, whereas the astute observer on Left is quick to rejoin..."and don't forget to consider according to ones abilities! Blah, blah, blah, and so it goes. Why not just scrap the whole intellectually dishonest grading system and go with something more refined, dignified, and universally understood, like 'rank the following teams according to those most improved by external off-season additions going into Spring Training'? That frees up only one possible understanding of signing a free-agent who was on the signing team at the end of last year---they don't count. Nor, for instance, does a player on one team severely injured during game 5 of a 2022 Divisional Playoff Series, going into 2023 Spring Training, fully healthy and on the same team. That leaves just one variable left---one impervious to red-herring obfuscations---to judge and differentiate rankings --the calender date on which it is presented. As such, my rankings for the five teams in the AL East will take into account improvements made by each team since January 12th, the day CBS Sports presented its rankings. As of January 22nd, 2023 1) Blue Jays 2) Red Sox 3) Yankees 4) Rays 5) Orioles What are your rankings? Where would the Astros fit into them if they were a sixth team in the Al East?

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