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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/22/23

One of the last NFL Sundays before baseball returns to full focus.

Steve Myra, Carl Larilivacz and George Shaw on Yankee Stadium Field
Football at the old Yankee Stadium

Well, it was fun to see a local football team excel in the playoffs for a hot minute anyway right? I suppose if you’re a Jets fan or NFL-apathetic, you don’t care one iota, but oh well. It was neat. Farewell to the 2022-23 New York Giants.

Today on the site, Alex will muse on how the retiring David Phelps and Adam Warren’s career paths explain frequent pitcher development, and Peter will encourage the Yankees not to draw a hard line in the sand on the Steve Cohen tax threshold. Later on, Estevão will discuss the very odd separate-stint career of the disappointing Javy Vázquez, Matt will remember the strangest Yankees MVP votes, and John will present this week’s social media roundup.


1. I’m just going to steal what Jake did yesterday since there are more afoot! If you’ve got any, give us your predictions for tonight’s NFL playoff games!

2. I’m on a Timothy Olyphant kick, so whatever, this question’s happening: Which do you like more, “Justified” or “Deadwood?”