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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/10/23

Time for a Tuesday. Because that is what the calendar says.

New York Yankees relief pitcher Damaso Marte reacts after st
Damaso Marte
Photo by Ron Antonelli/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Here is my contribution to the baseball discourse of the evening:

“lmao what even is the whole Carlos Correa situation

Today on the site, Gary will kick off a series of his own looking back at Yankees of yesteryear, starting with Ron Hassey. Later on, Andrés will make the case for why DJ LeMahieu should simply be the starter at third base over Josh Donaldson, and Sam will look back on when Masahiro Tanaka and Greg Bird combined to save the 2017 Yankees from a sweep against Cleveland (kicking off a huge ALDS comeback). Finally, Alex will tell a story about his grandfather and Michael Pineda’s 16-strikeout masterpiece, and Peter will offer a rebuttal to an article from Jeff last week about the Yankees’ roster construction.


1. So, um, is Correa gonna end up a Twin again after all?*

2. Were you rooting for Georgia or TCU in the college football championship game last night?


lol. lmao even.