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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/1/23

Happy New Year from PSA!

Ball Test - Times Square New Year’s Eve 2023 Celebration Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/WireImage

Happy New Year, everyone! We’ve made it to 2023 and Aaron Judge is still a Yankee. It’s a little alarming in retrospect that his departure still seemed possible as recently as a few weeks ago, but with Judge and Anthony Rizzo back in addition to free agent starter Carlos Rodón, I’m feeling optimistic about the upcoming season. To me, the first milestone in the offseason is making it to the new year. Next up: pitchers and catchers.

Barring any surprisingly quick transactions into the new year, it’s a quiet day for us on PSA as the staff relaxes a little bit. Peter will run the monthly GM poll on Brian Cashman, Matt will celebrate the big college football day by looking back on a Yankee who once excelled for Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl, and John will officially take the reins from our old friend Joe as the curator of the weekly social media roundup.


1. What will be your first snack of the new year?

2. We’ll just keep it cliché: What is your New Year’s resolution?