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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 9/29/22

One last off day separates the Yankees from the last stretch of the regular season.

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Well, we’re nearly at the end. Three home games and one road trip to Texas are all that remain of the Yankees’ regular season, leaving Aaron Judge seven games to claim the AL home run record all to himself after tying Roger Maris last night. If and when he manages to do so, the rest of the week should be in cruise control as we await the playoffs and who the Yankees will face in the ALDS. Buckle up, folks.

Today we’ll lead off as always with the Judge homer tracker, and Matt checks in on the latest AL playoff race drama. Sam takes a look at some of the roster decisions facing the position players coming up once the season ends, Josh reflects on the trade deadline and how it’s lined up to be only somewhat impactful on the team’s postseason roster, and John follows that with a specific take on Frankie Montas and how he can acclimate himself to the bullpen in a short amount of time. Finally, Peter gets back into the Separation series by diving into how Ron Marinaccio can play up his nasty changeup with an effective slider.

Today’s Matchup:


Fun Questions/Prompts:

1. Will Judge manage to get his 62nd in this final homestand?

2. As their odds grow slimmer, what did you make of the Orioles’ season? Can they take another step further next year?