Once in the Entire Lifetime of MLB Could Happen for Judge in 2022!!

I’m sure other Yankee fans have realized what might be about to happen for MLB in 2022. Obviously, there are some "ifs" that have to be positive results. But just the possibility and thought of it happening in my lifetime is just absolutely "over the top" and "mind blowing"!!

1. If Judge hits 2 more HRs in the next 8 games, he will break Ruth’s 60HR record in 154 games.
2. If Judge hits 3 more HRs in the next 16 games, he will break Maris’ 61HR record in 162 games.
3. If Judge can finish the 2022 MLB season with his BA in the range of .320 to .325, I believe Aaron Judge will win the 2022 Triple Crown. After Sunday’sperformance, Judge’s BA is .316.

To my knowledge all 3 events have NEVER been done by one player in one MLB seasons. We could be watching MLB history being made, that will never repeat itself!!

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