"Lanes" Ahead---Clear and Uncleared!

Lot of riffraff in Scranton that will never play for the Yankees. Blake Perkins ("meh" at best) Chris Owings (31 years old, 17 OPS+, 72 Career OPS+) I mean, why is this guy even still in the system! Ryan LaMarre (33 years old, career 73 OPS+) Max Pita below! see Max Pita below Max Pita (great in college, but has sucked at every level in the minors) Release him, and put him out of his misery! Max McDowell (just plain sucks) Rob Brantley (Ibid.) Are you kidding me...? Chad Bell (Ibid) The biggest 33 year old insult of them all. Career ERA 7.71 Players left that are noteworthy. Volpe, Guzman, Breaux (albeit borderline), Alverez, Beltre Other than Volpe and maybe Guzman , the other same position players behind Breaux, Alverez, and Beltre are respectively Wells, Chapparo, and Dominguez It's one thing to have, as Cashman was recently quoted, "no clear lanes". It's quite another thing when the lanes in front of you are populated with stalled vehicles, tow trucks, and Edsels. The moral of the story? There's a clear lane for Cashman this off-season if the Yanks don't at least appear in the World Series. It even has a sign posted above it. It reads "the Exit Door"!

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