IKF is owed an apology.

For months a significant majority of contributors to this site have been bashing IKF and demanding he be replaced by some new crop down on the farm. At one particularly annoying stretch recently the lead writers on this site wrote at least two articles bashing him for just about everything under the sun. During these same months, I have been a consistent defender of IKF, often times triggering vitriolic responses from fans of all stripes, many of whom are strung out sabermetrics addicts. To any objective eye, IKF has been an instrumental and important contributor to the teams recent turnaround and the least responsible starter for the teams preceding struggles. His steady performance at the plate and in the field combined with his consumate professionalism has provided the Yankees with EXACTLY what they desired from him and expected from him when they brought him over from Minnesota to fill the hole left by Gleyber at SS. Most recently he has in many ways exceeded those expectations. His 11 game on base streak fueled by hits and walks have table set for the big boppers and his tendency all year to outkick his coverage with runners in scoring position have been major reasons why the Yankees have won 4 straight and 8 out of 10. His defense has been flawless and, at times, fantastic coming out of the dog days of August. It is long past time for the harsh critics to admit they were wrong. In short, IKF is owed an apology.

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