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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 9/15/22

Four wins in a row leads to a cheery travel day off.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It was a close contest as always, but the Yankees walked out of Fenway with a pair of wins that they desperately needed. The solid start to their road trip combined with the ending of their homestand has them on a four-game win streak and resolidifying their footing atop the AL East. Houston may not be catchable, but as long as they hold onto the two-seed and get the bye into the ALDS, the Yankees should have all the cards they need to prove their worth on their own terms.

Even though there’s no baseball to watch today, there’s plenty to discuss. Andrew will run through the results from the rest of the league last night, and I’ll be pinning down Judge’s standings in the latest home run race tracker. Jeff examines how Gleyber Torres’ nosedive ending to summer has overshadowed a still-successful season, Andrés highlights how Aaron Judge’s shot at the Triple Crown could launch his historic year further into the stratosphere, and Jake opines on how the 2022 team has left us with more questions than answers for 2023. Wrapping up the day is Sam with a look at Clay Holmes’ sinker and Peter cross-referencing how Jordan Montgomery’s adjustments as a pitcher have been enabled by excellent infield defense.

Today’s Matchup:

Off day

Fun Questions:

1. How likely is it that the Yankees reach 100 wins?

2. Would you trust Zack Britton with late inning appearances right out of the gate if/when he returns?