The Post-Season Pitching Staff

The Yankees have a lot of decisions to make. With Severino expected back this week, we have six starters: Cole, Montas, Severino, Cortez, Taillon, German. From yesterday's game, perhaps German is the odd man out. If we went strictly by performance, Montas is the weak link in this crew. He is probably no use in the bullpen, so perhaps he just doesn't make the post-season roster. I don't think that Cashman will make such a decision, which would highlight his disastrous trade in acquiring him.

We also have a bunch of relievers on the mend: Chapman, Britton, Effross, Castro. There are, however, only two guys in the pen who are sure to be dropped: Weber and Weissert. That means two relievers also don't make the playoff roster. Of the four coming back, the best argument can be made for Effross, who was quite effective. Does anyone really want to see the current version of Chapman in the playoffs? Britton hasn't pitched in the majors in a long time. His contract is also up, and I doubt we will attempt to resign him. Trivino might be on the margin, as he has not been consistently effective. Schmidt has been very effective as a long man, so I can't see dropping him. Marinaccio has been too good to drop from the playoffs. Holmes, Loaisiga, Peralta, and even Leutge have safe spots. If German is out of the rotation, he makes too as an additional long man. Another starter also joins the relief crew for the playoffs, as we only need 4 starters. Unless Severino gets ramped up quickly, perhaps he plays a bullpen rule.

Perhaps the remaining games will sort all of this out for us. The problem is that some roster moves will have to be made soon, meaning that some of these guys will not get a chance to show their stuff in the majors before the playoffs begin.

Hopefully, Cashman/Boone make better roster decisions than they did deadline trades.


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