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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/10/22

Levine hints at Cashman’s future; How Yanks have changed Lou Trivino and Scott Effross’ pitch mix; Sayonara, shift (plus other changes); MLB recognizes MLBPA’s representation of minor leaguers.

MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports | Mike Rosenstein: When Randy Levine went on Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman’s podcast the other day, the attention-grabbing headlines were the comments the famously, er, outspoken man made about Aaron Judge’s contract status. Flying under the radar, though, were his comments about Brian Cashman, whose contract is up at the end of the season. Though it ultimately comes down to Hal Steinbrenner to make the decision on Cashman’s future, Levine was highly complimentary of the job the incumbent has done and it’s expected that, after 25 straight winning seasons, Cashman will be back for a 26th and beyond. This is, of course, playing fortune-teller a little bit, but if I were a betting man, I’d be on another season with Cashman at the helm.

FanGraphs | Ben Clemens: It’s not all that uncommon for teams to change a reliever’s pitch mix when they are acquired at the deadline. This year, as we all know, the Yankees acquired both Lou Trivino and Scott Effross at the deadline, and Ben Clemens of FanGraphs fame has dove deep into their pitch mix numbers and extrapolated some conclusions so that we don’t have to! The conclusions? So far, so good for the new men in the ‘pen.

MLB Trade Rumors | Steve Adams: It’s been a subject of rumors for quite a while, but now it’s official: The shift, at least as we’ve come to know it, will be banned in 2023. That means there must be two defenders on each side of second base when the pitch is released, all infielders must have both feet within the boundary of the infield, and there is to be no switching sides amongst infielders. Along with these defensive restrictions, bases will be bigger and a pitch clock will be introduced. All of these measures are being put in place to hopefully increase the pace of play, increase action, and, at least in the case of bigger bases, reduce injury potential.

MLB Trade Rumors | Steve Adams & Anthony Franco: Though this isn’t necessarily Yankees news, per se, and doesn’t pertain to the majors, the news that MLB will voluntarily recognize the MLBPA’s representation of minor leaguers has the potential to cause ripple effects across the game. This is fantastic news for minor leaguers who have historically been neglected when it comes to collective bargaining, and could potentially help to pave the way for an improved situation for minor league players.

In addition to all of this, Jose Trevino was also placed on the paternity list and Ben Rortvedt was called up from Triple-A:

Aaron Boone also provided a couple updates on absent members of the roster before Friday night’s game: