Cashman Was Hosed

As usual, Cashman settled for second best. Castillo would have been better by far than Montas -- who threw batting practice today. Benintendi finally got a few hits, but none with men on base. Trevino walked in a run at a critical juncture, and Effross torched the game in the 8th.

The pitcher we "didn't need" outpitched the pitcher we "had to have." But don't worry, we may be getting a centerfielder sometime in September, perhaps. In either case, he has already been named next year's starting centerfielder.

Remember the sharp base-running and defense of the first three months? They have all disappeared, replaced by last year's version of the Yankees. Boone and Cash have turned a team that looked like one of the greats into a mess, complete with an unreliable bullpen, a rotation in crisis, and a lineup with massive holes beyond Judge, LeMahieu, Rizzo, and Carpenter. Oh, and is anyone surprised that Stanton is once again on the IL, with no timetable for a return. Of course, since he returned from his last stint on the IL, he hasn't hit a lick anyway.

The Yankees have not sniffed a World Series since 2009. The organization should be mortified. The Boss would have never tolerated last year's mess, and would have fired Boone. Cash's contract is up, but we all know he won't be let go. Where is AJ Preller when you need him?

All of this comes from the top. Hal spends what he has to to stay relevant, but never enough to win. I am 74 years old, and I'd like to see a winning season before I go, but as they say, you live in hopes and die in despair.


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